Yoga Instruction FAQs

What do I need to take private yoga instruction with Karen?

The only things you need in order to take private yoga instruction with Karen, is a willingness to learn the foundations of yoga, and your doctor’s approval.  Karen is great at helping people connect to lost or rarely used movement patterns to forge a safe and satisfying yoga practice.  Yoga has many physical benefits that if done well can fortify our physical stability and open areas in the joints that may never have been fully opened before.  Clients are usually amazed at how one small adjustment creates an enormous difference and work out!

What would be my purpose in taking private yoga instruction?

Besides gaining one-on-one and individual attention, private yoga instruction provides a safe accelerated way to learn Yoga. Since we are all unique body/mind/spiritual beings, forming our own learning agenda that can integrate these aspects can be fascinating! Yoga is a medium Karen uses to add to any discussion, or conversation about holistic health, and wellness. Yogic ideas also compliment her holistic life coaching modality.  Much can be derived from the art, science, and philosophy of yoga, when we are seeking a holistic life journey. Yoga is practical, natural, wise, and can open us up to positive thoughts, behaviors, heartfelt, & healthful outcomes.

How is private yoga instruction integrated with massage?

Private yoga instruction can be integrated into massage therapy in several ways.  Generally, it’s done prior to the massage if done in one appointment.  It’s recommended to do an hour each, especially in the beginning when one is establishing a personal yoga practice that may be for increasing fitness and/or decreasing pain points.  Although, for specific one-area focused agendas, one may do 30 minutes of yoga and an hour of massage.  Or the reverse.  Whatever seems appropriate to the end goals of the client. Some clients make two separate appointments.

Another way yoga is integrated into massage is during a yoga session.  This can happen when a client is holding a pose as in Yin yoga.  Karen is great at hands-on adjustments, assisted stretching, and trigger point work etc.  This is a great opportunity for the client to feel where their center of gravity may be, and/or where their body can eventually open up towards. This process also nudges the client a little further than they may go solely on their own.  Of course, this approach is purely optional to the client.

Lastly, when receiving body work by Karen, yoga type assisted stretches can be achieved on the table, as well. Plus, the mindfulness of yoga can be verbalized during the massage session. This may help clients relax and focus, and become more aware of their bodies. It can even serve to help clients to be more in touch with their body/mind processes. Yoga and massage can help relieve all kinds of pain and stress. Mindful massage or yoga may also enhance attention over time, as well.

What makes Karen effective in her private yoga instruction? 

Karen has several skills that make her effective in private yoga instruction. Having a long career in massage, Karen has educated hands. Moreover, as a massage therapist, she has a good sense of how far to open the body, and, she’s qualified to use touch and exercise to enhance a therapeutic effect.  Over and above, she has attained neuromuscular repatterning movement therapy training that further informs her yogic understanding of the way the body moves through space, fits, and connects together.  Even people who have been physically trained, for example, in dancing can learn many things from Karen’s designed approach, and extensive method.  Karen has changed her own body through these methods she now enjoys teaching.  Plus, Karen’s studio is on the ground floor.  No stairs to climb to enter–All you need is a ride up her long driveway that leads to plenty of no-cost parking!!  

What else can taking yoga with Karen help with?

Although yoga is taught to students working on the floor predominantly, Karen can bring the floor to the client by her many props. This approach makes yoga accessible to nearly anyone! She can also teach chair yoga for those who have further restrictions… Finally, Karen loves to teach and serve others, so learning can be fun and entertaining!