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Need to recharge?
Seeking to improve the quality of your life in some way?
Looking to try something natural or holistic?
Distressed from anxiety?
Suffering from chronic pain or loss?
Have a recent or chronic sports injury?
Finished with P.T. but still have residual pain or discomfort?

Helping Clients With Integrative Healing Methods

Karen M. Diefenbach’s clients are people who would like to develop a wellness program, and who are looking for an entry point into the natural and sustainable world of integrated alternative holistic healthcare. They are people who wish to feel better by a combination of practical, inherent, and empowering methods.  Mindfulness practices when included with hands-on healing therapies like massage, craniosacral, and/or self-moving ways like yoga, help reinforce efforts made in the direction of experiencing a greater sense of wholeness, health, and relief.  Ultimately, Karen wants to help clients increase their overall fullness of life enjoyment.

Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Yoga Instruction For Self-Care

Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and/or Yoga can help bring awareness to the present moment for most people. Through energizing the physical, or doing physical things, we can increase our accessibility to the here and now.  Physicality’s only plane of existence is in the present moment.

However, any path into the mindfulness way of life can help us connect to our inner force or spirit, which serves as a guide on our life course towards optimal wellbeing in many ways, such as, experiencing greater vitality; a deeper sense of true self; or even connection to essential purpose. Karen works with clients in support of their goals from this approach, through the ways they are most drawn, within the modalities she offers.