Types of Yoga Offered

All types of yoga offered can include meditation and intrinsically include an orientation to mindfulness and the mind, body and spirit complex.


Hatha yoga can increase strength and mobility. Through Hatha yoga, specific yoga adjustments/corrections are given to enhance a yoga practice or compliment an exercise regimen or massage.

Yoga for Arthritis

Yoga for arthritis is most beneficial in helping to improve range of motion and/or balance, and reduce pain and stiffness. Yoga for arthritis meets the client where they are by using props or doing chair yoga, for example. Anyone with some form of stiffness or pain can benefit from this approach.

Integral Foundational Yoga Poses

Integral Foundational yoga poses by the Integral Yoga Institute, where Karen attained her certification, are presented in an active deliberate and grounding way, which is more yang and builds muscle strength and alignment.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga addresses fascia (connective tissue). This includes the deeper innermost structures of the body, like the joints, and connects with the more remote parts of the soft tissue. It also facilitates a relationship with the more reflective part of the mind as it affiliates with the body’s more yin requirements. It’s found to be especially useful for those suffering from chronic pain, stress, or depression.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is most beneficial when the need to pause or recover is essential. It’s done with an abundance of props and can be done with guided meditation and/or music.