Private Yoga Instruction

Yoga Alignment with Neuromuscular Movement Therapy Principles

Karen’s background in hands-on healing, neuromuscular re-patterning and movement therapy training, along with, yoga for arthritis, restorative yoga, and, especially, yin yoga, all lend to her competent, effective, and useful posture-focused and progressive yoga teaching style. Yoga instruction can be taught to an individual who wants to uncover employable body mechanics, in order to enjoy more unrestricted patterns of movement, less pain, or getable ways to practice yoga.  Breakthroughs in this way could even promote looking younger! Karen’s instruction can also be of benefit to accomplished yogi’s, as well.

Benefits of Private Yoga Instruction

Students benefit by learning how to avoid injuries by transforming past habitual patterns, all while gaining a new level of function that they may not have thought possible! In this way, they can also enhance a personal practice at home, or within a regular group class, and, also, with another particular self-care regimen. An abundance of props are used creatively, with oversized yoga mats for ease, safety, and care. Along with that, Karen dynamically implements the necessary hands-on adjustments, and repatterning that may be necessary for each unique individual. Client’s report feeling very fulfilled with the process, and pleasantly surprised!

Private Yoga Instruction in New Hope, PA