What is Mindfulness?

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A general definition of mindfulness is the state of attending to life in the present moment without judging what we are experiencing.  Mindfulness includes not only what we are feeling or thinking inside ourselves, but what we are actually observing externally, as it happens, and simultaneously observing our reactions, as well. This of course is not without discernment, but is the ability to take every opportunity as a new and pure experience.  To be able to concurrently see our whole self, while we are open to what is really happening in the moment.  When we can achieve mindfulness as explained, we can experience life more objectively, like suspending our evaluation of opposites of good or bad, true or false, healthy or sick etc.…We are more relaxed in a sense to receive the flow of life as it’s happening, briefly attending to what we may be taken by, or what is called, identifying with, then quickly returning to watchful acceptance of the here and now.  

This can increase our ability to act, giving us more satisfaction with outcomes, instead of suffering from our reactive impulses.  For instance, we have more of a chance to stop a problem from happening.  Further, when we intervene by stopping our automatic thought processes, we are more poised to heal something, or figure something out from integrity, or transform something from an integrative process.  In addition, our nervous systems can calm down, giving us sustenance, which increases our physical health naturally.  The easier our blood flows and the less stress hormones that get triggered, the more we can exist in a state of equilibrium.  The body loves this, and will reward us with all-systems go, happily!

Here’s a quiz to find out more about mindfulness.  It’s a fun way to learn how it can apply to our lives! 

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