‘Let’s Get Real’ Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness Course in Pennsylvania

Meets weekly for 6 prepaid 90-minute weekly sessions.

Karen has crafted a course to help those who would like to explore meditation and mindfulness more fully at an introductory level. Some clients may find this useful for pain management. It’s also for those who would like to experiment with the meditation methods that are most prominent and less prominent. Further, it’s a useful way to learn of the latest research on mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, and consciousness, like how our thoughts can contribute to levels of pain and more…Clients can also explore the differences between mindfulness meditation, and meditation per se. It’s a fun dialogue that can bring surprising insights that can’t always be predicted! However, it’s generally a ‘real’ experience that clients find memorable and authentically useful.  The course is contracted on a one-to-one exchange routine that begins with six weekly sessions, which represents one module.  There are a total of five (5) possible progressive modules to further provide support and goal setting.  The program can also be adapted to groups of 3-5 who wish to attend together.

Each week the class is generally constructed as follows:

  1. Gentle Movement Exercises While Staying Connected to the Breath
  2. Short Sitting Meditation
  3. Mindful Q & A/Discussion & Share
  4. Intentional and Mindful Yoga for Pain Reduction
  5. Presentation of the Meditation for the Week
  6. Meditation Practice
  7. Reflection/Feedback on the Given Meditation
  8. Mirroring and Reflecting Back…
  9. Optional Presentation of the Mindfulness Exercise for the Week
  10. Q & A
  11. Easeful Closing

Karen has learned many forms of meditation techniques for over 30 years, beginning as a massage therapist, and craniosacral therapy practitioner.  Then, as a yogi for 23 years, and a yoga instructor for 12, she has continued to develop her understanding and skills in meditation and moving meditation.  Most notably Karen’s background includes spending 14 collective years of serious in-person-group study with two different esoteric schools of the 4th way path. Forms of mindfulness are an important part of this Work.  Karen has exercised mindfulness and spiritual practices on a daily basis for over twenty years. She is also a graduate of the Palouse Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) online course, and is sincerely committed to the school of lifelong learning, as regards to many spiritual, religious, and consciousness-based subjects.

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