Holistic Life Coaching

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Personal Life Coaching and Mindfulness

Before becoming a holistic life coach, Karen had been occupied with utilizing mindfulness practices on her own personal holistic health journey. She has been mentored and captivated by the true essence of living in the moment for nearly 20 years. In that time, she has concentrated her efforts on maintaining this purview as a lifestyle. She can attest to its usefulness in attaining her sense of being more able to be ‘real’ with herself, and others. Karen also attributes this work to a feeling of wholeness. She has found it very helpful and compatible with when she’s integrating something new into her life. For example, incorporating healthier habits, finding ways to reduce stress, and in reducing procrastination.

Mindfulness practices are holistic at heart, and are something that can be taught, so that they are tools to be utilized on one’s own, in order to come back to the self, and in a sense, ‘hold it together.’ Nobody can take away the art of returning to our center, no matter what happens to us in life, or where, or in what condition we find ourselves in. Mindfulness aids in reducing any stress during the creative process in regard to finding our way through any new endeavor, as mentioned. It assists in staying on track and away from allowing our past or anticipations of the future to bog us down. Mindfulness is a nourishing tool that supports our efforts towards discovering a sense of freedom in anything we set our sights on achieving, as well.  Karen has discovered that like herself, mindfulness has become an aid in our modern society to help in coming back to oneself, as said, and in attending to the things that really matter or that are essentially eternal. In other words, we can learn to build our true selfhood, and construct our life with what is abiding through connecting with the present moment.

Life coaching uses narrative and conversation as vehicles through which we tell our stories and recreate our stories. Successful people know they need others to achieve. We are meant to be individuals within a social structure. Both are necessary elements to help us actualize our sense of purpose and individual authenticity.  If done mindfully, we are better able to listen to ourselves, and appreciate our version of our experience. We can also witness that we are heard, as well, and can also hear someone else fully, which also may be felt as increasing our capacity to live life to the fullest.

From the point of view of narrative and mindfulness coming together, with the idea that new discoveries may be realized easier in a social setting, the concept of holistic life coaching begins to emerge. Life coaching is cast as a co-creative relationship between the coach and the client through which clients’ truth is supported. Further, inquiries clients have are answered by the client through support and questions by the life coach. This process helps the client move forward in their lives with their aims through a process of self-determined shifts. See more on holistic life coaching in “Holistic Life Coaching FAQ’s” below.

“We discover ourselves through others.” Carl Jung

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“At times when events at work and in the world dampen the spirit, coaching brightens the path.” Marcia Reynolds

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