Integrative Practice FAQs

How does Karen incorporate her healing arts into holistic life coaching?

Karen incorporates her healing arts into holistic coaching by always advocating that the session be about the client. Clients may start out with one method for example, massage, and then if the massage inevitably points to other things of concern, often muscle weaknesses, then this may be addressed through yoga, for example, so they become complimentary. Clients may then communicate their desires for a particular self-care regimen for which they employ Karen’s help in supporting them using the life coaching model.  

Do I have to do all of the modalities Karen offers?

For some clients they don’t necessarily have to take an appointment in each modality.  As one client says, 

It was folded in like coming to dinner and all this stuff was on the menu and I picked the things that I felt I needed.  The coaching part actually manifested itself through the discussions that were had primarily during yoga sessions–there was a tying in of my life and the triggers and root causes to some of the physical problems I was coming for.  I wasn’t there just on a palliative basis.  Her style allowed me to express myself and through a series of questions, after showing up for massage on my back pain, for example, I could recognize that I had a really stressful time at work.  So, my underlying causes led then to, oh, maybe we need to focus more on Craniosacral therapy to calm my nervous system, rather than just focusing on trigger points… Once we started doing yoga, it led to discussions about holistic health.  This created a synergistic effect of not just dealing with superficial problems, but for example, how did I feel when I was there…

On digging deeper…my sense is that the mechanics of the coaching enabled me to have a deeper understanding, so I could achieve what I wanted to achieve.  Sometimes I learned to see that I was identifying with something that may no longer be valid.  For example, this helped me make better use of my available time.  Being more productive without feeling like I am on a forced march.  I learned to question, what am I invested in that might be able to change.  The order to doing things… So, the coaching I think helped me discover where to go next with my self-care.  

What can I expect as a holistic coaching client?

A holistically coached client can expect a journey that will grant them the opportunity to look at, and experience the mind, body, and spirit as interconnected. Through the unity of these three modes of life, achievement of goals are explored and encouraged. 

What are the benefits of holistic life coaching?

One client had this to say,

The benefit of holistic life coaching with Karen has given me a way to explore my essence or my deeper connection to the world/universe around me, which has provided me with insights into what I have in common with others because, like the idea of this collective consciousness, it unifies everybody.  Before, I had chosen to focus on our differences.  I am learning to embrace an approach that is based on my own unique individuality.  It allows me to be myself and still succeed.  

What is the benefit of integrating both coaching and body work into my life?

Client says more about their process,

If the body work makes me feel physically better, I have better energy to implement the goals that coaching has identified.  The body work also feeds into discovering more goals for the coaching segment. Relatedly, it provides new knowledge of my personal energetic system in my body.  It helps in understanding where I hold tension or complaints and that I have tension and complaints or resistances.  Once I know, then it provides insight into the interconnectedness of things for me… This provides a deeper more lasting sense of purpose that gives me the understanding and motivation to move forward.  

What can I expect if I choose to do more than one modality Karen offers? 

Clients can expect a choice in how, and when the modalities are taken.  It is based on needs and objectives.  How much time for each modality is established in correspondence with specific support required.  For instance, One session can begin with, for example, yoga for 30-60 minutes to address mindfulness, body flexibility, or strength that’s needed prior to taking a craniosacral/massage session for another hour for stress and ease of body tensions.  Clients can choose to break this up into two different appointments on different days as well.  

How do I move from a bodywork client to a coaching client?

Prior to considering any of these modalities or at any point in our therapeutic relationship, one may choose to consult with Karen within a coaching paradigm (see how coaching works in holistic coaching section) to come up with similar intensions, as above, or other goals in the holistic realms.  One may even choose coaching as their sole endeavor with Karen, doing what’s on their holistic self-care-to-do list somewhere else.

What other elements ought I know about that are part of Karen’s coaching modality?

Clients are encouraged to feel free to go beyond Karen’s practice in the brainstorm process to find all of the suitable ways towards achieving a self-care regimen that feeds their souls.  To underscore, clients are certainly encouraged to choose all of the elements on their program list, through self-discovery, which may be through the narrative process with Karen.  She loves being  a sounding board; an aid through clients’ own resources; a support, and an idea partner as a friend and helper on their journey.  Karen is adept in helping clients connect to things from what they know already, and to what they discover through their own inner awareness, as they work with Karen’s holistic coaching segment.  Karen has a lot to share in regard to the holistic way of life that may also further help clients discover what may work for them, and more importantly, support their thoughts on the matter, as well.  Our experience together includes an exchange of ideas that helps one energize, feel lighter, and more alive!